Trade Tips

Trade Tips

Over the years we have “picked up” some tips on equipment maintenance. This page of our site we will be passing some of these on to you. Hopefully they will be helpful. Always remember though , to follow your equipment manufactures instructions manuals for usage of equipment.

  • Air compressors : Dual motor units = we suggest running both motors at all times.Check oil type compressors monthly .
  • Vacuum pumps : Leave run all day – don’t turn motor on/off during procedures. Clean change operatory traps weekly. Change main trap monthly.
  • Operating lights : Turn off between patients [to allow light to cool].
  • Curing lights : Section with bulb should be moved & stored carefully .When hot [bulb filament” very fragile after use]
  • High speed handpiece hoses : Should be “flushed” with water on every morning before using [to flush old h2o thru].
  • Film processors [with rollers] : “Topped off” with fresh solution & cleaning film ran thru every morning. Clean film processor monthly.
  • Autoclaves : Change water every 25 cycles. Clean machine monthly or as needed. USE ONLY DISTILLED WATER.

Missing your operators manual on steam sterilizers or film processors? Call we can help.

Print this page for $10.00 off your next maintenance service call. (Cannot be used on emergency service calls or same day service.) Limit 2 per year.

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